Our Design

Kathy at her desk

Kathy at her desk

Our Process
We start with passion over planning, we let the trends guide us but allow our creative intuition to take over to produce the most unique and thoughtful mix of home décor and gifts in the industry.

We’re fans of sketching, sourcing and (sometimes starting over from scratch) to perfect a product so that it embodies our true vision, with only the best designs leaving the Primitives by Kathy Idea Factory (yes, it really exists!) and ending up in your hands.

It’s all about finding the ideal shade of blue, a show-stopping copper metallic, or the perfect color match to a swatch of fabric Kathy loved from her travels overseas – settling for “close” or second best, isn’t an option.

Our Design Team
Our designers draw inspiration from around the globe – expanding our best-selling collections and introducing new lines, there is always something fresh in the works.

Armed with swatch books and natural trend intuition – our product design team, lead by Kathy hand selects everything from the material of a dish towel to the placement of metallic accents on a box sign. Every product is concepted and sampled in our Lancaster, PA, Idea Factory where it is hand examined by a detail-driven team of product perfectionists.

As an American brand, we are proud to partner with national artists from around the country who bring our ideas to life with their own unique style. While the designing is done stateside, we source globally to bring the most beautiful textures, colors and trends to you.

It's a long process - but in the end, it's always worth it.

Product Hands Product Closeup
Product Hands Product Closeup