Annie Schickel—Born and raised in Lancaster County, her earliest memories are always of crayons, paint and paper.  Annie still loves to color and create: pattern-packets for designers, the first wood candle boxes, and now the many designs she creates for Primitives by Kathy. "Primitives have been a positive influence on my life, always pushing me to create."  Her family often can't keep track of her schedule, but according to Annie, "Life is too short for worrying and no adventures!" Annie thanks her husband John and her kids for support, for the cleaning lady, and for never making her get rid of her crayons!"


Dan DiPaolo—spent his childhood imagining other places, like the "cheese moon" that he flew to on Saturdays with his cat.  Yes, flew.  "You have to get a running start."  He soared through art school as well.  Upon graduation, he waited tables. During this "waiting" period, he realized he hadn't flown in a while and he missed the cheese moon and purple polka-dot people.  So, he got another cat and away they went.  He now finds his inspiration on his farm in Indiana.  "I make art everyday and sing out loud because I don't have any neighbors. I have wonderful supportive friends that indulge my insanity and my art."


Debbie Bryan—Early as she can remember, Debbie always loved art and has had a vivid imagination. Though she took the practical route as a business major in college, she wasn't satisfied until several years later, when she could turn her hobby into a full-time profession.  She started with making and selling finished products in arts and craft shows and shops.  Then she added designing products for the decorative arts and sewing industries. She designed pattern-packets and authored a couple painting instruction books.  She was thrilled to meet Kathy and Annie at the Society of Decorative Painters National Convention in the year of 2000.  She's thankful to them for this opportunity and especially their patience, to her husband for his encouragement and assistance, and mostly to God for blessing her with an income provided by using the talents He gave her.


Elaine Thompson- Since childhood, Elaine has spent part of her days sewing, painting, creating and dreaming. To this day she strives for creative goals and accomplishments.


Jill Holly- I feel blessed in my life, for my family, health and friends. Doing what I love and putting love in what I do. I like to make others feel good. Hopefully, my creations will do just that.


Janet Burzenski—Born and raised in Massachusetts into a very antique oriented and creative family with an art teacher for a dad and a seamstress for a mother, I couldn't help but have an inherent talent for designing and decorating.


Jenn Steffa—Was born and lived in a small town in Northern California until recently moving to a quaint village in Vermont, to enjoy the simple life with her husband, son and her five YORKIES!! As a young child she was inspired by her Italian Grandmother Edith as she watched her paint oil paintings growing up.  With encouragement from her mother Shirley along came folkgirl 7's one-of-a-kind techniques and primitive designs.  Now living the simple life in a lovely old farmhouse she stays focused on her designs and new creations. She says never look back and always enjoy Just The Simple Life.


Jessie Geesey—I live on a farm in York, PA with my husband and two teenage sons. I have always painted and as I matured, my style naturally gravitated to folk art. Growing up my family collected antiques and as a result we attended numerous public sales and flea markets. I love the history and the feeling antiques generate and I pattern much of my work that way. I have been painting full time for 15 years both retail and wholesale and have worked in watercolors, oils and acrylics. My wish is to touch the heart of another with my art.


Johanna Parker—A young ambitious artist with much imagination and creativity to offer.  In 2003, she left a successful career ( 6 yrs. and a Graphics Emmy award) as an art director with Denver's leading NBC news affiliate, to fulfill her dreams and follow her passion for illustration. She began drawing with the hope that a new career would blossom from her designs. From past experience with folk art, she naturally began to integrate her illustrations with three-dimensional folk art concepts, creating a unique product.  Soon papier-mache sculptures filled her house. She was accepted into the February 2004 Gallery of American Craftsmen, destined to exhibit her one-of-a-kind creations. It is her hope that her art may fill your heart!


Jonathan Bastian- is a self taught wood carver from Berks County, Pennsylvania. His anthology encompasses a wide variety of subjects. He strongly beleives in his craft adn asserts, "folk art has survived generation to generation, not because it is dictated by a designer's whim, but rather because it embodies the spirit of the folk and the artist."


Judy Johnson — HERE COMES THE SUN (little darlin')
My observation is that we should be like the sun:
Be consistent
Bring light to the darkness
Make people smile
Bring life itself and beauty
To everyone around you
Always remember: the true sun is within you
And that's all I'm gonna say...


Karen Martinsen- Karen says crafting and decorating is in her blood. she comes from a long line of painters, paper-hangers and decorators dating back to the Civil War. Her favorite craft from that era? Why pennyrugs, of course!


Kathy Graybill—is a third generation self-taught artist, who resides in Lancaster County, PA with her husband Jeff, son Zachary, and their black labrador retriever, Remington. Kathy's unique distinctive style of folk art, german fraktur, tole painting, whimsical sculptures, and signs show her diversity as a artist.  Her love of antiques, and folk art of the past shows in her original creations.  Her originals have found their way into many homes, shoppes, galleries, and even museums across the country, and into England, Germany, Australia, and Japan.  Kathy's original art can be seen at the Gallery of American Craftsman show, The Early American Life show, and the American Folk Art Museum in New York, to name a few.  She is very thankful for the opportunity to create art for a living, and to the many people who enjoy her creations everyday.


Larry Cloward—was born in Mackey, Idaho on September 24, 1941.  He grew up in a rugged rural area along with the Salmon River where his involvement with art began. Larry's art is varied, including watercolors, antique reproduction birdhouses and whimsical folk art.


Lisa Johnson—A homemaker and stay-at-home mom, she lives in rural Minnesota with her husband and son. She enjoys painting, writing poetry, drawing and stitching.  Lisa brings a little bit of the past to each of her designs.  This stems from watching her mom and grandmothers sew throughout the years.  She started stitching when she was twelve years old and has been creating ever since.  She finds inspiration and beauty in the old samplers and stitched pieces of her family and others.  She plans to continue designing and creating her pieces as long as there is someone out there to enjoy them.


Mechelle Clark—Born and raised in Northern Illinois. Married to my high school sweetheart and best friend Trent. I have always loved to create things. Luckily Trent shares my passion and supports me 100%. Self taught and still learning as I go, my true loves are Colonial, Primitives and Folk Art. I’m thrilled that I get to do what I love, I have a wonderful supportive family. I am very excited I was given the opportunity to design for Primitives By Kathy. I’m thrilled and honored to be amongst the very talented artists Kathy has gathered.


P.J. Rankin Hults—Is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania based artist and designer, wife of John, and mother of Kasey and Ethan.  After teaching art, Pam went into business with her mother.  They started Maple Croft Interiors twenty years ago retailing furniture and home accessories. Working with her customers has brought a unique perspective to her design.  She explains, "I try to incorporate what our customers ask for in my product designs for Kathy.  It's a wonderful opportunity."  Thanks to her parents' (Ruth and Earl) influence, she creates original folk paper cuttings combining the traditional Pennsylvania German folk art of Fraktur and Scherenschnitte, incorporating scissor-cutting, watercolor, pen and ink on hand-dyed paper.  Pam's originals have been in the American Folk Art Museum, N.Yand local shows.  She also thanks God for time, talent, and inspiration.


Sherri Cloward—Five years ago Sherri brought her design talents to Pennsylvania and joined her family’s wholesale birdhouse business and retail gift shop, Artful Digs. Currently she lives in Marysville with her daughter Jessica. Her earliest memories of creating things dates back to age five with her Grandpa in his wood shop.


Sonja Sandell—A mother of three grown children and grandma of two, she's been creating as a full-time job for the past 17 years. Her home and work have been featured in many magazines, including Country Accents, Cloth Doll Magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens Santa Claus Edition. Called a pioneer of the "primitive folk art style" with her pattern line "Hickety Pickety" of 1993, she still produces 12 new patterns a year, as well as designing for Primitives by Kathy. She has a creative flair for the timeworn and those styles that mix with antiques and collectibles with a touch of "whacky-whimsy."  "Creatin' is a passion and I feel lucky to wake up each morning and get to do it as a job!"


Stacey Mead—From a childhood spent traveling in the military, to a scholarship to the Lake Placid School of Art, following the Olympics, I’ve had amazing opportunities. Eight years ago I fell in love with primitives and having very little sewing knowledge I started my own designs. Now,  I have my own line of primitive patterns known as Raven’s Haven and with Kathy, the opportunities continue!


Tim Gay—Tim lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife Karen and two daughters, Kaila and Mariah along with two dogs, Liberty and Justice. (yes, they're female too!) Making and designing things go back to his childhood, from pink wooden pigs to the benches made from old shipping crates (Mom still has that bench in her kitchen).


CaMee Nichols & JanaLee Gustafson –  The two sisters were raised on a Wyoming farm where family was what is was all about. CaMee and her husband, Travis, live on the family farm with their five children Mykelle age 9, Porter age 7, Tyler age 4, and Preston and Benjamin, age 2.  JanaLee and her husband, Blake, are the proud parents of  Bridger age 3.  The sisters enjoy talking long distance, dreaming, designing, and creating for their home design company Whittney Perry, where CaMee’s Interior Design Degree and JanaLee’s artistic talents have a showroom.