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I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how wonderful EVERYONE on you staff that I have come in contact with has been exceptional!!! You have the most wonderful/helpful people working for you. I have dealt with many wholesale companies over the year and I have NEVER had the experience that I have had your company. I feel like people anyways dwell on the negative so I wanted take time to let you know how great your staff is in helping me with any questions or concerns I have had. Especially with me being so small in comparison to the scale you usually deal with they alway take the time to make me feel like a priority. Keep doing what you are because you are wonderful :)
Billie Cooper
Fenwick Island, DE
I would like to bring to your attention one of your employees Maddy that I have been working with!!! Maddy is an absolute delight!!! Talking to her on the phone or through email, she addresses every question I have immediately!!!! I never ever wait to hear back from Maddy. If I email her with a question, I have an immediate response. Back order items available......she emails me!! I have nothing but rave reviews for Maddy & her exceptional service she provides every time I contact her!!!
Thank you so much,
Blooms On Main
Hello, Kathy!
First things first! Maddy did a wonderful job taking my most recent order last Friday, March 28th!
I am a new customer this 2014 season. In Atlanta in January, I found your company because of the mini catalog you enclosed with the huge Atlanta Merchandise Mart catalog! Smart move! I have received some of the items from my original order and things are going well - hence: the reorders! I want to compliment you on your level of customer service and your innovative ideas! I love the OWL calendar and the opportunities it presents to increase my profit margins with your many specials! I love YOUR story, too.... of beginning with just ideas and lots of hard work!

I own a year round Christmas shop in Carmel By The Sea, California~ Kris Kringle of Carmel~ Established in 1984! This month we are about to celebrate our 30th year in business! My husband, Michael, and I were inspired on our honeymoon trip to Germany by the Christmas shops we experienced. In November 2012, my dear husband passed away suddenly. I am blessed with a fabulous support system ~ family and friends and customers, too! It has been a true blessing to have our Christmas shop~ to keep me going!
Happy Holidays,
Carol Montana, Owner
Kris Kringle of Carmel
My name is Kim Hughes, co-owner of Aurora Charters. I would like you to know that Beth Keown, Writing Rep and Madilyn Rosario "Maddie", Sales Rep, are what I would call "Stellar employees". Working in a customer service industry for over 30+ years and owning a business for 25 years, you get a since of people who care and are dedicated to your business.

When I placed my order at the January gift show in Atlanta, GA.; Beth was very helpful, patient and kind. And as a result my first impression of PBK was awesome. This morning after talking with Maddie, and finalizing my order for this upcoming summer season; I decided to email you.

Before talking to Maddie I had called another Company about a couple orders. After dealing with them; I was totally disappointed and frustrated. I called PBK next......and talked to Maddie. By the time we were finished going over my order and finalizing it; I was smiling and feeling so much better. She totally made my day. I told her so. She started laughing and I could hear the smile on her lips! Being an owner of a fast paced, often stressful, seasonal business; I know what good employees look and sound like. Beth and Maddie are a great team and made my dealings with PBK "Golden"!!!

She suggested I email, so WOW I am. If you have any questions please call.

Kim Hughes
Aurora Charters, Seward AK.
"home of" Roaring Boaring Alices Coffee and Gifts
I just had to let you know that you have an awesome employee. Stacy always comes through for me & keeps me informed. I can honestly tell you that Stacy has helped my business significantly... She is an asset to us both!!
Laurie McGinley
The French Hen
Essex, CT
I just wanted to you to know that especially on those busy, busy days, which everyday is a busy day with PBK!!!!!! YHEA!!! That it is really nice to hear Holly's voice. She is so pleasant, and uplifting.

We are grateful for her gift, as she spreads happiness to others through her tone of voice, and cheerful, welcoming disposition.
Ed and Abbi Forney
Love and Associates
Hi Kathy!

Just a note to tell you what GREAT service we receive from Faith. She goes above and beyond with our customers, if there is a question/issue. She also adds a ALOT of kindness, mixed in with a little bit of humor, which is good for the soul.

Just wanted to tell you, we are so appreciative to have Faith Peltzer a part of our "TEAM!"

With Gratitude,
Abbi Love Forney
Love and Associates
Hi Kathy!

Kathy, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your sales representative Kaylin DeLuca. I have never met Kaylin in person, but despite this, she is the most efficient and personable sales rep that I have ever dealt with throughout my career. Prior to owning a store, I was an office manager for a large corporation and interacted with many sales representative over the years. Kaylin stands out as an embodiment of excellent customer service.

Kathy, everyone I have come into contact with in your organization has been great, but Kaylin is always exceptional. You must be very proud of the team you have built.

Thank you creating a team and product line that are so exceptional.

With Gratitude,
Kristin Miller
Charlie's House