Words to Live By  |  Did I Say That Out Loud?

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What better way than to start your day with a "Words of Wisdom" calendar from Primitives by Kathy. We do not sell these calendars on our website but we've partnered with Sellers Publishing / RSVP.com, who accepts, fullfills and distributes Primitives by Kathy calendars.

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Below are samples of Primitives by Kathy wall calendars, mini calendars, weekly planners, and books available at RSVP.com

Words to Live By  |  Did I Say That Out Loud?
Uncorked  Wine & Words  |  When Life Gives You Lemons Trade Them For Wine
Words to Live By  |  Be Happy It Drives People Crazy
Love You To The Moon And Back
A Dog Wags Its Tail With Its Heart
Words to Live By  |  Good Things Are Going To Happen  |  Planner
Words to Live By  |  Shine Like The Stars  |  Pocket Planner